Gto Oil Additive FREE SHIPPING in Iligan City, Northern Mindanao for sale

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DESCRIPTION : – This product helps protect your engine, clutch and gearbox. Reduces friction,
increase fuel mileage.
PROPERTIES : – Soluble in all commercially available motor oil
- Reduce fuel and oil consumption
- Increase Torque and power
- Increase performance
- Smooth Engine performance
- Stabilize on high thermal temperature
- Less emission up to 90%
- Reduce pollution on the environment
- 3-4 times save on maintenance cost
- No change oil possible
- Non-Petro based additive
APPLICATION : Gcore Oil Additive is applicable on gasoline and diesel engines. Compatible on
all commercial motor oils.
AVAILABLE SIZES: OIL ADDITIVE 15ml, 30ml, 250ml www gcoreoil com 12bot.whole sale